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Dedicated to promoting cycling in the Memphis and Mid South community
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Peter Sarfas, Website & Registration Support

Member Since: 2012

My Biking Story: I bike to keep fit and be out in the fresh air!

Back home in Scotland, I had a road bike, but I would say I was a more casual rider, but not able to get much riding in between driving buses on tours all over Europe. The most I would do was about 20 miles.

I started back cycling during the spring of 2012 after an eleven year absence/hiatus for two main reasons: to lose weight and lower the number of medications I am on – it could be argued the medications are cheaper than biking! During 2012, I dropped over 50 lbs and my medications were lowered. I also completed my first metric century, which was also a milestone in itself. In 2013, I completed three century rides which I didn’t think I would be able to do. I have done a lot more cycling now than I ever did when I lived in Scotland.

I regularly ride the Mellow Mushroom ride on Tuesday nights, lead the Farmington Folly ride, which I started in August 2014, on Thursday nights and usually the Panera Bread ride on Saturday, although I have also been seen on the Saturday Morning Social Ride from Super Lo. I also assist with the BCB 100 Training team, so I can also be found on that ride!

I joined the Memphis Hightailers board in October 2013 and I am currently the Events Director, which means if you have to register for a MHBC Ride, MHBC Buddy Event, or to purchase special pre order Hightailers gear, I set up the registration pages.

Andrew Kjellin, Newsletter Editor

Member Since: 2013

First Bike: Coming Soon

My Biking Story: Coming Soon