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Dedicated to promoting cycling in the Memphis and Mid South community
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Memphis Hightailers Rules of the Road. 
  •  Remember this "Bicyclists fare best when they act and are treated as drivers of vehicles."  

  • Always wear a Helmet.
  • Obey all traffic laws
  1. Click here for TN Law/
  2. Click here fro MS Law (Coming Soon)
  3. Click here fro AR Law. (Coming Soon)
  • Stop at all Stop Signs and all Red Lights.
  • Ride no more than 2 abreast
  • Ride in the right most lane serving your destination, and as far right as practicable, but not necessarily as far right as possible.
  • Do not confront motorist, get their License plate number and descriptions and report to Police.  (Also,Report Incident on our Form)
  • Do not use headphone or Earbuds.  
  • Do not ride while in your aerobars on a group ride.
  • Use a white headlight and red taillight if riding after dusk.
  • Do not depend on other riders for an all clear at intersections. Make your own decision.  (Do not yell Clear.)
  • Communication verbally and/or visually; do both when turning, stopping, passing on the left,  pointing out road hazards, etc.
  • Pick a Lane. When riding in a group stay in one lane.
  • Be Predictable.
  • Don't Ride Beyond your Ability
  • Avoid the Door Zone of Parked Cars.
  • After all weekly rides, please offer feedback.   This will only make our rides better and safer. Click this link to make us better and safer - Weekly Ride Feedback