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Dedicated to promoting cycling in the Memphis and Mid South community
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Hightailer Social Group Ride

We coordinate rides that are intended to be safe and enjoyable for all riders of all levels. The expectations for these rides are not complicated or difficult. There is a maximum speed on the flats. These are group rides and not group races. This means simply what it is, a maximum speed. It is not the speed that the ride will ride at under any and all conditions. It is not a recommendation that can be ignored by group consensus. There are reasons behind each of these speeds for each level. If you want to ride at a higher speed, please join the next higher group. Simply, please respect the group.


Next is the general expectations of riding in a group. Again, this is about ride safety. The more consistent we can be riding within the group, the safer it will be for everyone. We have rides where the same riders show up every week, allowing familiarity with riding habits to develop – both good and bad. We have other rides where the members change weekly and you have no idea what to expect from those around you. Please keep this in mind as the Ride Leaders / Group Leaders give the pre-ride briefing. These are for your safety, not just to use up oxygen. Please be on time, present and pay attention to these discussions. No one is too good to not be present.


During the ride, there are unexpected situations that arise. Please be tolerant and understanding as new instructions may be required. The Ride Leaders / Group Leaders are there to manage the ride in a safe manner. If they are asking / requesting specific actions, please respect those communications.


Please remember that all of our ride leaders are volunteers, and that they give up riding as an individual to assist with the ride, and to make it safe and enjoyable for everyone. This is sometimes not an easy task.



Hightailer Social Group Ride Supplemental Insurance

We offer a supplemental insurance coverage for our members on our official weekly club rides when a Ride / Group Leader is assigned to that group by either the Primary Ride Leader or the Director of Weekly Rides.  Status of a group ride as official or unofficial will be posted to the respective group ride Facebook page. Any changes to that status must be approved by either the Primary Ride Leader or the Director of Weekly Rides. ALSO, if the group or portion thereof is exceeding the ride pace and is no longer with the primary group and/or the designated ride leader, that group is now unofficial.



Special Announcement on Aerobar Usage on Group Rides

Riders cannot be in the aero position / on aero bars while riding in the group / paceline. Riders on bikes equipped with aero bars must be on the drops with easier access to their brakes. This is a safety requirement. If for any reason, you feel that you must be in the aero position, please:


- Notify the ride / group leader of your intentions

- Drop off the back of the group by a minimum of three bike lengths

- Drop from the group ride, go on a ride solo or ride with a triathlon training group


If you have aero bars on your bike for comfort and speed on long rides, remember that they aren’t to be used in pacelines. It’s dangerous to ride close to others when stretched out on aero bars. Your steering precision isn’t as great and your hands are far from the brake levers. Either remove aero bars for group rides or promise not to use them.


The group rides hosted by the Hightailers are an organized social ride. These are not training rides that can accommodate any training requirements other than just time “in the saddle” at the group’s ride pace. Please expect that there will be stopping / regrouping as required within the route.




More Information About Our Ride Rules


Ride Classifications

Category Level Maximum cruising speed on flats Mileage capability Typical average speeds
Upper 24.0 mph 60 - 100+ 20.0 - 22.0 mph
Advanced 22.0 mph 60 - 100+ 18.0 - 20.0 mph
Skilled 20.0 mph 40 - 60 16.0 - 18.0 mph
Intermediate 18.0 mph 25 - 40 14.0 - 16.0 mph
Social 16.0 mph 25 or less 12.0 - 14.0 mph
Easy 12.0 mph 25 or less less than 12 mph