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Mileage Tracking Program

Ride strong in 2012! Improve your fitness! Train to ride further and faster! Track your mileage!

Experts agree that activities that are monitored tend to improve. Using you can now monitor your mileage quickly and easily! And you can also win stuff!

Prizes will be awarded to the members who ride the most each quarter as well as to the top three riders for the year. Anyone who rides at least one 10 mile ride in a month is eligible for a prize drawing.

The program adminstrator will tabulate the results the first day of each month/quarter and these will be posted on the website. You must be a MHBC member to win.

Click on the links below for sign up details and instructions on recording and tracking your milage:

If you have any questions about the program, setting up your account or tracking your miles, please contact the program administrator, Ted Cashion.
(901) 277-4124