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How to Upload Your Photos

General instructions for uploading photos to the Member Photo Pages

Set up your new photo page:
  1. Select "Member Login" and log in to the web site.
  2. Once you are logged in, you will see a "Profile" button next to the Log Out button. Click the "Profile" button.
  3. On your profile page, look under the "Web Site" section, and then select "Photo Pages." This will create a page to post your photos. 
  4. Click on "Add Photo Page."
  5. The "Photo Page Configuration" box will pop up.
  6. Page Name - provide a useful name to describe the photos
  7. Menu Text - text displayed if page is placed on the Member Photos menu
  8. Layout - choose how photos will be displayed
  9. Availability - can be on display for members only or any web site member
  10. Visible - if checked, it will be displayed in the Member Photos section
  11. Select "Save." 
Now, add photos to your new page:

Next to the photo page you just created, you'll see a link to "Edit Content." Click it. 

You'll have an option to Select Photos, Add Multiple Photos, or Add One Photo
  • Click "Select Photos" if you want to add photos that are elsewhere on the MHBC site.
  • Click "Add Multiple Photos" to upload multiple photos from your computer. 
    1. Click "Select Files" and browse to your photos. 
    2. Select a range of photos by clicking the first photo then Shift+Click to the last photo in the range. You can also selectively choose photos by Ctrl+Clicking all desired photos. 
    3. Then click on "Open." 
    4. Enter Title, Photographer and Date Taken and click on "Save." 
    5. The photos will be uploaded to your page.
  • Click "Add One Photo" to add just one photo to the page. "Browse" to the photo on your computer, select it, then click on "Open." Enter Title, Photographer and Date Taken and click on "Save." The photo will be uploaded to your page. 
Other options:
  • Display Sequence - allows you to change order of photos
  • Configure Page - allows you to changed the page name, menu text, layout, availability, and visibility.
  • Page Description - allows you to edit the text displayed on top of the photo page